Kitchen, Bathrooms & Closets

They are unique spaces in each home, where privacy and comfort prevail, and the details make a unique environment that makes you feel special.


Interior Design

Elegance and luxury are the main characteristics that distinguish us for the personalized development of each project carried out by Dinovelty.



A place where you will have at your disposal, the most exclusive decorative elements of the market. If you want something unique and innovative, visit us.



Dinovelty is more than architecture, it is a lifestyle.

Dinovelty is a luxury kitchen and interior design boutique located in South Florida. With more than 20 years of experience worldwide, formed by a team of professionals who work to offer a variety of services related to the design of unique and innovative spaces.

Past Projects.

We believe that our work speaks for itself. We will show you some images of past projects carried out. If you would like to see our more detailed portfolio, do not hesitate to contact us.



Each project represents a new opportunity to create personalized spaces that satisfy the needs of our clients, making their dreams come true.


Our job is to accompany you in each stage of the project, from the first idea, through the design, manufacture, execution and finally delivery.

Timely Delivery

We have state of the art technology and experienced personnel to deliver high quality defined projects in record time.

Luxury Interior Design, for people with demanding tastes

Our designs involve more than the decoration of an environment, our work is integrated with art, maintaining the fluidity and harmony of each space. Our designs go above and beyond, it blends technology with our elegance and sophistication, for even the most demanding tastes, that’s why we are your best option.

What our customers have to say

  • “ Working with Dinovelty it’s an extraordinary experience, not only because of their responsibility on each project but also, because of the very well conceived ideas that will fulfill your expectations and more. They are an amazing team of professionals. It is for this reason that i feel proud of being part of their data base clients and i wish them the best of success.”

    Luis Inserny
    Tiendas Áncora
  • ” Our experience with Dinovelty is based on their professionalism, they act effectively and get involve on each part of the project and identify each detail according to our necessities, they are demonstrating an avant-garde knowledge adjusted to the highest construction marketing standards. They have the hability to present affordable and attractive alternatives, involving elements with creativity, dynamism, good taste and quality. They present projects in the way that you can easily understand, using creative technological tools. They communicate effectively with their clients during the hole project.”

  • ” Having the opportunity to work with a team that makes you feel that your ideas are as important as their knowledge is a unique experience, this is one of the best experiences we ever had. Dinovelty does not only represent a unique work, but also a concept, style and a learning process. Being able to interact with them, has made remodeling a not a tedious topic; achieving final result even better than we could imagine. “

    Liliana Facciuto